Boost Online Sales with engaging 3D Style

Playable 3D Styling

Playable 3D Styling
2D Ecommerce only displays original perspective
View clothing in 3D
Styling on Digital Humans

Lets just say

Online shopping lacking depth

Well there's more depth to that claim above but it sure has got you thinking.

Apparel shot for an ecommerce campaign can only show you the views in which it was shot.

Every consumer has a unique view

3D Clothing (3D Immersive view)

They say perspective is everything. Do you often notice looking at a certain view on an item every time? Perhaps it's where the logo of the brand sits or perhaps its where the arm meets the shoulder in a jacket. Traditional 2D photography only allows you to view the perspective in which it was captured and the level of zoom supported by the resolution of the photograph.

The ability to zoom and rotate apparel in 3D in realtime from all angles often lends a perspective that the studio cannot fathom at capture.

This new paradigm in viewing and styling in 3D is heralding the future of shopping. Yologram focuses on styling digital humans for ecommerce tryons enabling consumers to create animated content for the metaverse.

Texture detailed in 3D

YOLOgram styles digital humans.

Presenting YOLOgram or YOUR hologram. A unique 3d styling solution adopted by brands with a focus to excel in consumer experience and lead in techology.

  • Style Digital Humans for branded e-commerce Tryons
  • Mix and Match the clothing based on personal likes
  • View clothing on a digital human with a likeness to yourself.
  • Create meaningful content to be shared with friends before buying or saved online.

Beyond styling in 3D, brands can benefit by entering the world of digital sale of goods.


digital humans with branded apparel

Empowering the personal stylist in you.