Enhance Loyalty with Personalized Style

Immersive Social Content

Immersive Social Content
Models wearing clothing have the perfect body, skin
Visualize clothing on a digital human with likeness to you
Styling your Digital Self (Yologram)

Consumers worry at times if what they bought online will look good on them IRL.

Consumers are wary of perfect bodies, skin tone

Sure that piece of clothing looks awesome on that supermodel in studio lighting conditions. But wouldn't any piece of clothing look good on them? There's a reason why they are models and there's a reason why some of those awesome studio shots don't translate the same when you see yourself in it. The outcome can go either way. It could turn out to be too flashy or too drab. What if I don't want to see the white shirt with blue jeans. What if I wanted to see the white shirt with a pair of khakees?

Nothing relates more to consumers than themselves.

Wouldn't it be awesome if I could see how this looks on myself and with the kind of combination of tops, bottoms and footwear? Even the simulation of contrast of clothing with each other and our skin tones counts towards our decision to style ourselves a certain way.
The ability to style a digital human with likeness to yourself. Being able to mix and match the tops and bottoms to the combination of your choice gives you a fair idea if this is the style you would like to wear with your skin and body type.
This new paradigm in viewing and styling in 3D is heralding the future of shopping. Yologram focuses on styling digital humans for ecommerce tryons enabling consumers to create animated content for the metaverse.

YOLOgram styles digital humans.

Presenting YOLOgram or YOUR hologram. A unique 3d styling solution adopted by brands with a focus to excel in consumer experience and lead in techology.

  • Style Digital Humans for branded e-commerce Tryons
  • Mix and Match the clothing based on personal likes
  • View clothing on a digital human with a likeness to yourself.
  • Create meaningful content to be shared with friends before buying or saved online.

Beyond styling in 3D, brands can benefit by entering the world of digital sale of goods.


digital humans with branded apparel

Empowering the personal stylist in you.